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  • Eco-conservations, Scenery & Mushrooming  Click to print this page (black text on white background) 
    Hogsback is a scenic delight, a place to restore your soul, pick wild mushrooms in the forest (between October and May), observe wild birds, plants and rare insects.

    There is room for tour guides to package and offer some of the wonders of these lovely mountains. Few guided tours are available at present. Geo-caching could be offered by environmental groups wanting to promote environmental awareness. You could make your own trail! Hogsback is still a quiet destination, waiting to be explored!

    Forest mushroom

    Hike along the many mapped trails and enjoy gurgling streams and dancing waterfalls. The woods are filled with yellowwood trees and echo with the calls of birds and samango monkeys. We stumbled upon an old ford across a stream recently, probably going back to the time of the military campaigns of long ago.

    Scenic places to be reached by car are:
    • The Yellowwood forest and Ezingcuka
    • The Microwave Tower facing west to the Elandsberg along the Plaatjieskraal road, to watch the sunset.
    • Plaatjieskraal Dam and the road to it has many lookout points, looking back to the Three Hogs and Gaika., or Ngqika You can ascend from the bridge at the Dam to the left, and climb mountains facing the Bluff, looking back on the Bluff Area of Hogsback
    • Robinson Dam along Woodridge road, which even has a waterfall along the road side.
    • Gaika or Ngqika Mountain. A drive and walk up this lovely mountain is a sight to behold, looking across toward the Elandsberg or further towards the Kliplaat River.
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