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    A variety of pubs, restaurants, and coffee shops offer friendly conversation around warm firesides, local interest and good food! Hogsback remains a destination to savoured. The warmth of its hospitality leaves fond memories and a desire to return.

    Hogsback has a variety of pubs, coffee shops and restaurants. The Misty Mountain Coffee Barn and The Enchanted Treehouse offer less formal, typically Hogsback hospitality, with fireplaces to cuddle up to in cooler weather.

    The Historic Hogsback Inn has a warm and friendly pub.

    Other restaurants include Woodlands Coffee Shop. Tea Thyme at the Bluff offers a la carte meals. Book by 4pm for dinners, and well in advance for busy weekends and Festivals. Nutwoods Park is an experience in culinary bliss. Phone Neil or Atilla at 045 962 1043.

    The Arminel Hotel offers a pub and restaurant.

    The Woodlands Centre shop now offers fresh home baked bread and farm milk, fresh veg and a limited grocery stock. The Hoggest Shop offers frozen meals, meats and gifts. The new restaurant to be opened shortly promises to be excellent, with Ollie and Rudie as your hosts."

    For fully inclusive shopping, a new Spar Shop has been opened in the university town of Alice 33k away.

    If you choose self-catering, bring some meals, but come prepared also to enjoy the spectrum of Hogsback hospitality.
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